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Japan Association for the Promotion of English to Children

JAPEC is a private sector public-service which was established in the spring of 1978 with the cooperation of eminent persons in the English language education field as well as various other fields to popularize and promote correct and practical English language education for children.

Since 2009 Beat Australia has been a member of JAPEC and through its subsidiary Beat Eikaiwa has been providing testing services for children in Higashi Osaka city.

The Eiken / Step Test

Over the years Beat Australia has successfully trained and prepared many students for the the Eiken or Step test.

Members of Beat Australia are not only professionals in the area of preparing students for the test but are actually recognised and current participating Eiken examiners.

Hiraoka Catholic Kindergarten

Beat Australia through its affiliate Beat Eikaiwa is proud to be the official English language provider for the 140 students attending Hiraoka Catholic Kindergarten.

Hiraoka Catholic Kindergarten is a private kindergarten under the Catholic Church operations and is widely known in Higashi Osaka as the best provider of young learners education in the area.